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We believe that all people deserve the right to food, shelter, education and basic healthcare.

Delivering Better Lives (DBL) has been impacting communities globally since 2006. For nearly 17 years, we have focused on improving the lives of people at home and abroad, with a goal to continue expanding our global impact. The organization was founded on the belief that all people deserve the right to food, education, adequate healthcare and shelter, without discrimination. We are committed to providing these basic rights to disadvantaged people across every continent so that all can be afforded a life of dignity.

Our main objective is to develop or upgrade each community's infrastructure. By working closely with the local people, we identify their needs and subsequently fund and manage their projects. Although we oversee each project, our goal is to enable the people within each community to drive their own development. Once a project is completed, DBL does not maintain a long-term presence, rather, we guide and empower each community to take control of their own future.

Our Purpose:

We deliver better lives by collaborating on grassroots projects that improve health, shelter, and education in local communities. We provide funding and know-how to physical and sustainable projects.

As we look to serve underprivileged communities, we appreciate your continued support. Your monthly support will help us continue to Deliver Better Lives to those in need.

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